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Tuksedo 356 Speedster #2

Tuksedo Studio proudly presents

Our latest model, Tuksedo Studio #2, the 356 Stone Grey Edition.

Designated to Raffi Ahmad @raffinagita1717

Our automobile is not just a vehicle, for they are vessel of joy and happiness that transport you through time in a way no other technology could do.

Tuksedo Studio 356 are made fully from aluminium, handcrafted by the best of our artists, fine-tuned to the need and character of the owner, and infused with the heart and soul of the Balinese culture.

This automobile has proven itselves able to stand the test of time and it is our duty to let you experience it the way it should be.


Collection Tuksedo 356 Speedster #2
210 cm / 82.68 inc
Collection Tuksedo 356 Speedster #2

1700 cc

Double Barrel Fuel Injection